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The Zrinski Family

From the mid 16 to the mid 17 century Međimurje was governed by   the Zrinski noble family. The Zrinski became a part of Croatian and European history due to their  military feats in the wars against the Turks, but also as poets, gastronomers, politicians, plotters and finally, as tragedians. The biographies of the family members resemble true historical ballads which even present Hollywood scriptwriters themselves wouldn’t  create better. Today, the attractive historical military unit named “Zrinska garda” (The Zrinski Guard) evokes their glorious past.  In the palace of The Old City of the Zrinski Family there is now the Museum of the Međimurje County Čakovec which , apart from the collection dedicated to the Zrinski family, houses a rich archaeological, historical and ethnographic collection as well as an art gallery. In the  place called Šenkovec there are remnants of the Zrinski mausoleum, and in Gornji Kuršanec there is a memorial to the death of Nikola Zrinski.

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