ponedjeljak, 15. studenoga 2010.

A Mill on the River Mura

At the northernmost point of the Republic of Croatia, near a little place called Žabnik, the river Mura turns the impressive wheel of a wooden river mill.  It is a unique example of traditional architectural heritage both in Croatia and in the broader region. The water murmur and the creaking sound of grindstone bring visitors back to the long gone 1902 when flour was grinded for the first time on that floating “oldster”. Around the mill, in an idyllic natural surrounding, a “Miller’s instructive path” has been built. Apart from offering a walk in the intact nature, this instructive path also presents a multitude of interesting information about natural and traditional heritage of  the Significant Landscape of the river Mura. There is also a river raftthat, just like a perpetuum mobile, takes people and vehiclesfrom one river bank to the other, with no motor, sails or oars. The river Mura and its numerous backwaters offer a possibility to experience a true fishing adventure or a “light rafting” in traditional wooden boats. Not far from there, there is a place called Križovec where a natural-science collection is situated.

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